Business EDGE Solutions - Detailed Overview

Microsoft Exchange E-Mail

Data Protection & Business Continuity

E-Mail Protection

Remote Monitoring & Management

Printer Management

Service Desk

Hosting Services

Web Protection

We take the management of network and system resources very seriously. To that end, we continuously investigate new tools and technologies to provide the best solutions available. We know that every client has unique requirements. We mix and match individual solutions to create a customizedBusiness EDGE Solution set to fit your exact requirements.

Business EDGE Hosted Microsoft Exchange E-Mail

Email service is no longer optional. It must work 24/7. Hosted e-mail provides expertly managed hardware and software for your online communications system. Outlook email messaging, folders, contacts, collaboration, and calendars are all part of the package. With web browser support included, you have a significant component of operational continuity covered. >>Learn More

Business EDGE Data Protection and Business Continuity

Data Protection is more than just "back-up"! We provided a combination of proven processes, policies, and the best technologies to protect your business's critical information. Depending on the sensitivity, the importance, and your 'return-to-operation' needs, we implement the right solution to keep your organization running smoothly. >>Learn More

Business EDGE Email Protection and Continuity

Through our partnership with MXLogic and McAfee, we provide an email defense solution that blocks over 99% of spam, viruses, malware, and malicious content before it touches your network. The service also provides web-based email continuity during scheduled and unplanned outages. Additionally, it enforces your policies on the content of outgoing mail, both in the email body and any attachments. >>Learn More

Business EDGE Remote Monitoring and Management

Our monitoring and management optimizes the performance of your IT network and provides comprehensive oversight and reporting on all your IT assets. Automatic system alerts notify us of any issues, from overtaxed CPUs, to nearly full disk drives to predicting hardware failures, allto ensure the quickest response, and maximum up-time. >>Learn More

Business EDGE Printer Management

Printer monitoring and management tracks and reports usage and status of all your printers, copiers, and multifunction devices. Our comprehensive, proactive, web-based solution simplifies the management of supplying and servicing your printing fleet. >>Learn More

Business EDGE Service Desk

Our Service Desk is Internet Web-enabled so you and your staff can enter service request and set their priority directly into our issue tracking system. If you have dedicated IT staff, additional functionality activates to enable internal utilization of the application. >>Learn More

Business EDGE Hosting Services

Our Hosting Services provide up-to-date systems managed for performance by experts. Affordable access to web, applications, server, and cloud computing capabilities are available in our local operations center and in other secure centers through partnerships with leading national vendors. >>Learn More

Business EDGE Web Protection

We offer Web Protection through our partnership with McAfee. This service protects our clients against emerging web-based malware attacks and provides effective and economical control over unauthorized, unproductive workplace Internet access. >>Learn More