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Data protection is more than just back-up. Every organization’ needs are different and those needs can change over time. We help you answer the hard questions of which data is "really" important and how long can I be without all or part of it. Our approach is totally customized, not a one solution fits all.

Key Values to your organization:

  • A comprehensive set of solutions to protect your data and keep you business functioning in the event of a major disruption.
  • Utilizes automated processing to reduce, or eliminate, the need for human intervention.
  • Provides support for servers, onsite workstations, and remote users.
  • Provides recovery for critical data and applications in physical and virtual environments.
  • Customizedenhanced business continuity solutions to match your environment and your needs such as: Continuous data replication, application availability, and system state protection.

Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly

Eliminate data loss concerns with our customizable suite of backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions.

With Business EDGE Data Protection and Business Continuity Solutions, we can support automated remote data storage for your servers, workstations and laptop computers. Using an internet connection, the system is available anytime, anywhere; and, recovery is users-controlled and easy to perform.

Models To Fit Any Business Need

  • Available options support a single laptop, a multi-location server based network, or anything in between.
  • For local-presence backups, we have options for onsite storage utilizing disk-to-disk, tape and other technologies.
  • Remote storage is available for critical data or business continuity planning. Remote storage can be local or at national data centers. Data transfers are fully secure and encrypted.
  • Solutions can be combined to offer all the advantages of multiple strategies.


Our solutions provide the flexibility to free you from the worries of losing business critical information.

Save Money:

  • Flexible options allow you to pay only for the functionality you need and incorporate tools to manage total cost.
  • Protect a greater amount of data in a smaller amount of space with fewer resources than traditional solutions.
  • Data de-duplicationsaves money by reducing disk and tape consumption.
  • The ability to establish storage quotas provides control to cap backup cost.
  • Implementing a combination of lower cost on-site storage along with remote disk methods provide savings by reserving the off-site solution for critical data.

Data Security:

Options to secure your critical information:

  • Data is fully encrypted so they can only be read by you.
  • Secured at levels exceeding banking requirements.
  • External access is only available through secure login
  • Meets or exceeds major compliance regulations.
  • Storage is provided in a physically secure environment.
  • Servers are kept up to date with patches and anti-virus.

Mitigate Data Loss Risks

Solutions address numerous sources, including:

  • Human Error
  • Hardware Failure
  • On-site Disaster
  • Computer Viruses
  • Software Corruption
  • Theft

Be comfortable knowing that we are keeping your data safe and secure.

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