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Email is not an option anymore. It's like electricity or the phone. Today, email Protection and Continuity has never been more critical to your organization. Business EDGE Email Protection and Continuity does everything that organizations of all sizes require to keep email secure, SPAM under control, and in the event of an email server failure allows continued ACCESS to your email from anywhere till the email servers are returned to service.

Key Values to your organization:

  • Blocks system threats before they ever touch your network.
  • Eliminates billions of spam messages, viruses, worms, and phishing attempts saving valuable Internet bandwidth.
  • Filters outbound content and attachments to protect you and your clients.
  • Provides access to email during system outages.

Email Protection and Continuity offers:

  • Perimeter filtering to block threats before they reach your network.
  • Advanced spam and fraud protection
  • Triple virus and worm scanning to block more than 99% of malware
  • Filtering and policy enforcement for outbound messages and attachments
  • Email attack protection
  • Complete messaging continuity

Affordable, manageable email security

  • No hardware or software to buy, maintain, manage, or update
  • No up-front capital outlay
  • No upgrade fees
  • Automatic engagement and synchronization for seamless continuity
  • 60 days of unlimited rolling storage at no extra charge
  • Simple web-based administration
  • 24x7 customer support at no extra charge

Seamless email continuity to protect your business reputation, operations, and productivity

  • Automatic service engagement when an outage is detected. Simply put, if an email server goes down, you STILL have access to your email:
  • Access to email received during an outage via a secure web interface
  • Full email functionality, including read, compose, reply, forward, and delete
  • Intelligent post-outage email activity synchronization
  • Outage notifications and system updates

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