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All organizations rely on computer and IT assets for day - to-day operations. However, maintaining and managing these investments can be costly, complicated and time-consuming, but most importantlythese activities are distracting from the core business. The use of remote monitoring and management (RMM) services result in an overall lower cost of owning and supporting IT, more predictable costs, and to help avoid the large, unplanned expenses.

Key Values to your organization

  • Provides comprehensive, real-time, remote IT network monitoring and issue alerting
  • Optimizes IT network performance
  • Provides proactive service scheduling - no more extended downtime
  • Incorporates IT asset management to meet insurance and compliance requirements
  • Integrates continuous remote, scheduled onsite, and on-demand service and support
  • Includes scheduled performance reporting and strategic planning review meetings
  • Providespro-active expert IT support at affordable prices


Optimize Performance

With detailedinformation about your IT assets and business functions, we minimize costly disruptions to your daily operations by resolving problems before they become critical. We are also able to quickly identify where pro-active maintenance activities can optimize performance and lower costs.

Track Assets

The application scans your network to discover,identify and catalog servers, firewalls and routers, desktop computers, laptops, printers, and other network devices. Automatic reporting delivers detailed, up-to-date inventories to track warranties and protect assets for insurance purposes and regulatory compliance.

Remote Monitor, Alert and Response

With 24/7 monitoring and alerting, we'll know immediately when something has gone wrong and can guarantee a rapid response, delivered remotely if possible, or on site if required. Many problems can be resolved before you're even aware of them.

Automated Reporting

As needed or as often as every month, we'll provide comprehensive, graphical status reports so you can see exactly what has been going on in your IT environment —data to support more effective, accurate capacity management, upgrade planning and IT budgeting.

Preventive Maintenance

With detailed, accurate information about your IT assets, we minimize costly disruptions to your daily operations by proactively resolving problems before they become critical. We'll also be able to quickly identify where preventative maintenance activities can optimize performance and lower costs.

How It Works

Our software-based Remote Monitoring and Management Systemautomatically performs secure, comprehensive scans of your IT environment to gather up-to-date information about the health and performance of your assets. We set predetermined thresholds and are notified when system parameters fall outside of the settings. This information allows us to deal with issues proactively, as they are evolving, deliver rapid remote remediation when issues arise, and perform maintenance tasks with unparalleled efficiency.

We can proactively monitor and remotely manage most computer devices, including:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Servers and Virtual Machines
  • Printers
  • Faxes
  • Off-the-shelf and
    custom software applications
  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Managed switches
  • Gateways
  • VoIP switches and phone systems
  • Specialized equipment

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