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Always running out of toner? Frustrated with a lot of unscheduled printer maintenance?Reduce downtime and increase productivity with Print Monitoring and Management, our comprehensive, proactive web-based print monitoring solution.

Key Values to your organization

  • Provides proactive service scheduling - no more extended downtime
  • Provides advanced supplies delivery - no more need to stock toner cartridges
  • Provides accurate meter readings for internal billings and page count verification
  • Manages mixed-model printer and copier fleets within a single application
  • Includes customizable print usage reports that can be scheduled or performed ad-hoc
  • Provides insight into the total cost of printer operations
  • Provided at NO CHARGE to you when toner supplies purchases are made from The Computing Center

Keep Your Business Moving Forward

When you sign up for Print Monitoring and Management Services, we'll monitor your printers and automatically respond whenever a device is low on toner or in need of service. Our team can identify problems and respond immediately to your printer needs, reducing and often eliminating downtime.

In addition, we can help you identify which devices are causing the most problems (paper jams, repairs, etc.) so you can replace faulty equipment, and improve performance while reducing your operating expenses.

How It Works

We install an Information Collection Engine (ICE) on your network, allowing us to collect printer data such as printer meter reads, device serial numbers, addresses, monitor toner levels, device alerts and other device-specific information. This information is collected and transmitted a secure Print Monitoring and Management Services web server.

Smart Alerts

E-mail alerts that can come to us or to you help us keep your printers running smoothly and enable us to take a more proactive approach to service calls and toner replacement.


We provide easy to use, customizable reporting allows you to analyze usage, enhance workflow and reduce costs

Hosted Service

Data is completely secure and accessible only via secure login. We have access only to the information about your printers, with no information about what's being printed.

Free Service

Our Printer Monitoring and Management service is FREE when printer toner cartridges arepurchased from The Computing Center.

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