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Here is a fast and efficient way to enter, schedule, monitor and manage, service calls with The Computing Center. We have partnered with Taskfire to provide a world class internal service desk application that connects directly with our service department when you wish!

Key Values to your organization

  • Single point of entry and management of all IT Services related issues
  • Fastest way to contact, schedule, and manage service calls with The Computing Center.
  • Facilitates secure and accurate service ticket submission and management via the web
  • Works great for organizations with IT staff or without.
  • Reduces the time spent dealing with issues, support calls, and email
  • Ensures consistent coverage for remote offices and employees
  • Centralizes Management of all service related issues and activities

Improve IT Service Delivery

With Business EDGE IT Service Desk, you and your staff can enter service tickets, and set their priority, directly into our issue tracking system. There is no more need to call or send detailed emails. Everything from server outages to printers requiring maintenance can be entered and tracked instantly via our Client Access Portal.

Customizable Security

By default, users can enter and track their own tickets. While it is unlikely that information in service tickets would include sensitive data, there is no need to be concerned. The application is secure and accessible only through password protected portal user accounts. Through the portal, you work with us to set priorities and review status of tickets.

Complete IT Service Desk

Taskfire includes all the features required to be a complete IT issue tracking system. Organizations with dedicated IT staff, additional functionality can be activated to enable internal utilization of the application. Administrators manage users, update tickets, post resolutions, and close requests. Individual service tickets can be automatically routed or manually forwarded to the right technician. Issues that require Computing Center support can be escalated to us, and progress monitored by you. It provides immediate access to additional IT resources without the need to manage multiple vendors or add to your headcount.

Cost effective

  • World-class features without high costs or complexity
  • Flexible options allow you to pay only for the functionality you need
  • Provides predictable operating costs
  • Reduces the time spent dealing with IT issues
  • Client Access Portal Services are FREE when Computing Center does the work

Minimal System Overhead

  • Easy to use, intuitive, web-based application
  • There is no software to install or updates to download
  • Available anytime, from anywhere with internet access.
  • As a web-based application, it has little or no impact on your system resources. All system maintenance and backups are part of the integrated solution. You are always using the most up-to-date version.

For more information - click on the Taskfire Logo:

Contact The Computing Center by phone or via email at: sales@compcenter.comTo discuss any level of service management for your organization.