Blackberry Outage in US

 The RIM Blackberry Outage that began in Europe and the Middle East has expanded to the US and Canada.  We began noting problems with our Blackberries this morning around 7:15am.  We will continue to monitor what is occuring and will add more to this article as we know more.

Here is the link to the RIM Status Site:

Update - 10/12 @ 16:30  -- We are starting to see some email coming through our Blackberry Enterprise Server at Computing Center.  Still not totally reliable.

Update - 10/12 @ 19:20 - Most local BlackBerry emails are now working.  There are still some BlackBerry Messenger and browswer issues.

Update - 10/13 @ 10:00 - RIM reports that all Blackberry Services are back to normal and all backlogged emails have been delivered.

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