Cornell High-Tech Campus in New York City

As many have read in various publications, New York City is making space available on Roosevelt Island to build a 21st Century graduate university campus.  Cornell has partnered with the Technion in Haifa, Israel and is putting in a bid for this project.  In our work with the University, local entrepreneurs, some of our high tech companies, and Cayuga Venture Fund, we've learned that the spin-offs from Cornell winning this competition for the Ithaca campus as well as New York will be enormous.  So, like many businesses and alumni in the Ithaca area, we've thrown our support behind the project.

RIght now, there is a petition signing effort to get 20,000 names supporting the Cornell initiative to Mayor Bloomberg.  So, far just over 19,000 names have been collected.  If you are a Cornell Alumnus or do business with the University and have not signed the petition, we encourage you to do so.  The link is:  

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