2011 year-end tax planning

Ho ho ho…the last month of the year is coming up!  Time for our annual year-end appeal to our small business clients to take a look at your technology acquisition plans.  Depending on your tax status, there might be an opportunity to save some real tax dollars by making a purchase in December 2011 rather than waiting till January 2012 or later.  In 2011, there is a bonus depreciation provision written into the tax code.  You might qualify for a 100% bonus depreciation deduction for purchases of new equipment for your business of up to $500,000.

As our friends in the car business say…”your mileage may vary”, so PLEASE contact your accountant or tax advisor to see how these rules may affect your business.   We can give great advice about which technology to purchase and how best to integrate it into your business, but we are NOT tax advisors and no one at The Computing Center plays one on TV that we’re aware of.  So, talk to the experts about your company’s situation. Then speak with us about which technology will best fit your needs.

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