It's only a small leak!

Technology is advancing. It is no longer a matter of "I am not sure if we need technology in our business." but rather, "How much technology do we need?" Information technology (IT) is happening all around you and as the manufacturers make software, products, and applications easier for your employees to use, it is getting more complex for you to manage. So maybe you have come to the place where you know that to be effective you need to have a certified professional involved in the process. It's like the old story of dad trying to fix the leaking water pipe, only to find himself soaked with a torrent of water pouring out. Mom knows he might be able to fix it- eventually, but she picks up the phone and calls the plumber. Even though the plumber might cost more than doing it themselves, it will be far cheaper in the long run!

The kitchen sink is leaking and too many companies are trying to fix it themselves. The only problem is it isn't water leaking out (or pouring as the case may be) it is your hard earned dollars. Successful companies know that allocating and then managing an IT budget is a normal part of doing business.

Employee downtime due to system failures, slow networks, virus and malware downloads, or information lost due to a lack of data security are all very real problems businesses face every day. Partnering with a knowledgeable, certified, experienced technology management firm is a smart way to straighten out those lingering problems, stabilize your IT environment and proactively manage your network. At The Computing Center, we've spent over 33 years striving to be that kind of firm. We have found that we will actually save you money in the management and operation of your systems. Monitoring your systems and fixing problems before you know they are a problem. Securing your data and your network; protecting you from viruses, malware, and spyware. Consulting with you to determine your needs and working within your budget. These are a few of the things a good IT partner should be able to bring to the table.

Now if you could only get the plumber to show up at your door, before the leak even starts! (By the way, there are some great plumbing companies in Ithaca - we know!) 

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