Computing Center website phase 2 completed

The second phase of The Computing Center's new website is now complete. Our full Business EDGE News system is up and running. Daily and weekly updates with timely information regarding business solutions, technology information, computer industry news, and happenings in our local community are available.  In addition there's a link to the CBS Interactive, CNET news feed with all of today's technologies headlines which is continuously updated. Our top news stories are also located right on our home page.

The idea for Business EDGE News came from several of our clients. We've been asked about how best to find searchable archives of our eNewsletter articles, stories and other articles regarding specific categories or topics of information on how best to leverage computer technologies within business and organizations as well as a searchable running history of what goes on within our industry. We took those ideas, coupled them with some of our own, found the right piece of software to manage it, customized it to our needs and developed a great solution.  

The underlying software is BLOGCFC, a ColdFusion based Blogging/News management system. Of course, we needed to do quite a bit of programming time to customize it and fit it into our Microsoft SQL database. Literally every relevant word and phrase in each article published is searchable. The search box is at the top of the Business EDGE News page and we think you'll find it very useful. It's also VERY fast. 

The administrative side of the system allows us to add/edit and manage the articles, create and manage our categories, and to measure which stories are the most popular. Additionally, on most articles, our readers can leave comments. If anyone would like to reprint one of our stories, please email us at with your request. RSS feed pickups and headline reprints that point back at our stories are fine to use and link without contacting us. Check it out and thanks for reading


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