Computing Center team ties for 3rd in Chamber tournament

The Computing Center's "truly" amateur golf team of Scott Prasek, Scott Zinzola, Darren and Jared  Clark finished tied for 3rd in this year's Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament shooting a spectacular 63 in rain soaked conditions. Unlike several of the teams who finished ahead of The Computing Center, none of our players play every day during the summer. Or that, at least, is the hope of Computing Center management!!  

In a tongue-in-cheek statement an unamed Computing Center executive remarked: "Several of the so-called winning teams had ringers on their teams, players who spend their entire summers on the golf course!  At least our guys mostly work for a living!"

The proceeds from the tournament go to the good works of our local chamber of commerce including supporting the business and organizations which create most of the new jobs in Tompkins County, support initiatives that lower the costs of doing business, and in promoting our community.  The golf tournament is a great way for businesses and organizations of all sizes to get together for an event where everyone has a great time and are able to support an organzation that we all believe in.

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