Systems updates and patches - The dreaded terror


We all know that ghoul- the System Update. Oh, how every user dreads the rearing of its ghostly head! OK, maybe it isn’t that bad, but when that icon appears in the bottom of our screen our reaction is always the same, “Are you kidding me? Do I have to update my computer? It’s going to keep me from working. I don’t have the time or energy for a reboot right now. Surely I don’t need it that badly. Everything is working just fine!”

When computer technicians first examine a unit in trouble, they look to see if the updates are current. If the company and/or computer are not being monitored and maintained by an IT firm, many times the tech will discover that the machine suffering from a virus or spyware has not been updated in a while. It’s not a coincidence.

Most often, Microsoft and Apple send updates to close security loopholes, provide critical updates, and protect against a variety of online threats. The severity and necessity of these updates vary from minor to quite critical. So what you may have thought of as a terrible beast, bent on stealing time from you, is in actuality a guardian holding his sword aloft.

While even updated computers may still have vulnerabilities to viruses and spyware, ensuring the updates and patches are installed will go a long way to protecting them.

Editor's notes and comments -  Not every computer system can easily be updated.  There are many applications that require very specific system configurations.  Even in the systems that we fully monitor and manage, we are extremely cautious about applying every patch and update that is released.  If your systems are "acting up" after an update or if you're having trouble keeping up with system updates, let us help you.  We have automated systems that will manage updates and patches as well as testing programs to make sure they will work with all your applications.

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