NYSEG issues customer data warning

New York State Electric and Gas has reported a possible data breach of its customer data files in recent days.  Since the majority of our clients are NYSEG customers, we are suggesting that everyone follow-up on this information.  

It appears that sensitive NYSEG and RG&E customer information was put in the hands of a third party company who was doing programming work for the company. That company apparently did not have adequate data security systems and procedures in place to full secure that data.  

NYSEG reported : "While we have no evidence that such data has actually been misused, or that there was any malicious intent, we are notifying you out of an abundance of caution so that you have the information and tools necessary to help detect and prevent any misuse of personal information. We have consulted with law enforcement and engaged computer forensics experts. Our investigation is ongoing and we will continue to provide law enforcement with our full assistance."  

As a precausion, NYSEG is offering FREE Credit Monitoring services for one year for any customer that requests it.  We highly recommend that all our clients take advantage of this offer.  We are planning on using this service and have recommended that all our employees do so at their homes as well. NYSEG will be mailing letters to each of their customers outlining the issue and with an activation code for the free credit monitoring service.  Be on the lookout for that letter which will be arriving beginning at the end of January.  The envelope will have both the NYSEG and RG&E logos with a return address in Minnesota.  
The full text of the NYSEG letter to its customers is located at nyseg.com/letter.html  It includes information on the alledged data breach and how to access the credit monitoring service. 
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