Possible High Winds and Heavy Rain for Mon & Tues

We might be seeing some high winds and heavy rains in the Ithaca and Central New York area from Monday late afternoon through Tuesday mid-day.  Although most eyes are looking toward our southeast for the worst of "Sandy", our area could be affected as well.  So what to do about your technology:

First and always:  Make sure you, your family, and your co-workers are safe and prepared. Know where community shelters are. If your organization has a DRP or BCP, make sure all the pieces are in place and ready to go.  If you don't know these initials, now is not the time to learn them.

As for your computer technology:
- Make sure you have a good backup of all your company's and personal computer data.  If you use tapes or other portable backup mediums, try to make a second copy and keep the two backups in different locations.  If you backup to the cloud, make sure a backup has recently been run.
- Check your UPSs to make sure the batteries are fully charged and that if it has automatic shutdown features, that it is set properly.
- Keep all your portable technology fully charged.
- If your building or home are prone to flooding, get any technology off the floor and onto higher floors.  During the floods in Owego, a couple of clients literally removed servers from basements, put them in cars and drove them out of town.  Some were temporarily housed in our server room.  On the other hand, other computer equipment was totally lost.
- Consider shutting down non-essential computers.
- Power outages, both locally and regionally may occur.  Internet and phone service may be disrupted.  Not all Internet Service Providers have backup power generation.

To the extent that we can, our staff will be available to assist with preparations, support, and recovery.  We can provide computer repair, data recovery, and other assistance.

And those initials in the second paragraph, DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning) and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) - when this storm has passed and you want to talk, we've helped numerous companies and organizations with their plans - we can help you too.

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