What would a wise woman do?

It takes a lot of effort to successfully write and get a book published.  Our friend and writer Laura Steward Achison just had her first book released:  "What would a wise woman do?"  Questions to ask along the way.

Laura worked in the computer industry for many years, successfully running a company like The Computing Center in Connecticut and Florida.  Not quite two years ago, she decided to sell it.  This book, in part, talks about that journey and some of the take-a-ways from the process.  The book is available on Amazon in hard copy and in Kindle form.  It's also available from Laura's website: whatwouldawisewomando.com/  

Laura Steward Atchison is a creative entrepreneur and writer who brings wit and wisdom to her readers. Her current endeavor is founding Wisdom Learned, LLC. Ms. Atchison gave birth to the idea of a new company that focuses on educating other business leaders through experience and lessons learned from the trenches.

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