HP combines PC & Printer divisions

The Computing Center has been doing business with Hewlett Packard (HP) since 1984.  We began by selling a desktop computer called the HP-150 and shortly thereafter began selling and servicing the first Laserjet which began the printing revolution.   We now sell, service, and support, virtually the entire line of HP network servers, desktop and laptop computer, printers, plotters, switches, and routers. Over the years, HP has greatly expanded its business to become the world’s largest computer company by sales volume.  Not a bad legacy for a couple of engineers who started out in a garage in Palo Alto, CA building audio oscillators and who’s early customer was Walt Disney Studios.

Large companies typically have many divisions and it’s common for each of those divisions to have separate profit and loss financial statements.   HP is no exception.  Many of us in the computer business have gotten used to HPs “alphabet soup” of ESSN, PSG, IPG, EB, etc. and exactly which division handles particular products, services, and programs.  Most of our clients don’t care…they care about getting the right product and services, appropriately designed for their needs.  

This past week, HP announced that PSG and IPG (printers) would be combined into a single division as a way to reduce some of HP’s internal complexity.  From our client’s perspective, there will be virtually no changes.   Inside, HP, the “merger” will allow overhead expenses to be trimmed, a gain operational and manufacturing efficiencies, and hopefully build on the successes inside the printer division.  

Is all this going to work?  We believe this change is going to streamline how we can best present, sell, and service HP PC computers and printers.  We have close relationships with many HP representatives who have had long careers within HP. Some roles within the company will likely change.  As we all know, the world of technology is rapidly evolving.  PCs aren’t the only way to create, manage, and acquire information anymore.  New and innovative devices like tablets along with laptops and terminals are replacing some traditional desktop PCs.  Printers, on the other hand, will be with us for a long time to come and HP has been the industry leader for nearly 30 years.  All this equipment needs to operate well together.  What better way for HP to leverage its most successful division.  
Over the past several years, HP has had quite a bit of turmoil in its front office. Several high profile CEOs have come and gone.  Most recently, Meg Whitman of eBay and California political fame is now CEO.  We believe that she should do very well at leading this huge organization.  She is working very hard to help HP regain its luster as one of the world’s premier technology companies.  We find her very approachable and a person who understands that the internal HP sales force is only a part of how HP sells and delivers products.  Long-time partners like The Computing Center need to be involved, not just to sell HP products and services, but to work closely with our clients to understand your businesses and organization’s needs, goals and how technology can be best leveraged to bring you success. 

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