Cornell live Bird Cams

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During this spring, the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology has set up two live "Bird Cam" sites.  This is an extraordinary way for bird lovers and others to check-in live on bird nests.  There are a Great Blue Heron nest and Red Tail Hawk nest both being live-streamed 24x7.  Along with the video streaming, there is a live-chat available as well, where viewers from around the world can ask questions and post comments about the birds.  Hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the globe have checked into the sites.  

This is a fascinating use of video and audio technology along with the Internet that can reach professionals, educators, students, and the general public all at the same time. 

Here is the URL to the Red Tail Hawk Cam.  The Great Blue Heron Cam can be tabbed from that page - enjoy.

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