If I only read my junk mail

(Editor's Note:  We have known Jane Cage for well over 20 years as a business owner and now the Chief Operating Officer of Heartland Technology Solutions.  She's based in Joplin Missouri and has been very active in her community rebuilding after the devestating tornado in 2011.  It's really nice to see that Jane has kept her sense of humor.)

 If I only read my junk mail, I wouldn’t be writing this article in English. I could have "Fluency in Spanish in ten days?" or I could "Learn Japanese Rapidly" by "Utilizing our sneaky linguistic secret".  

If I only read my junk mail, I would be a better communicator by "Breaking Bad Communication Habits" and learning to "Be a mentor & Teacher". I could even "Learn Psychology completely online."  

If I only read my junk mail, I would have more cash in my pocket because I could "Avoid Pain at the Pump" and "Get a Free Shoes!" I could get "30% off select furniture" and an whopping "85% on Printer Ink –Shipping On Us."

If I only read my junk mail, I could turn back the clock on aging because "Lasik is only $299 Per Eye Now" and I could "Reduce Wrinkles – Instantly" but maybe the word on my age is really out because I received an "AARP Limited Offer." Of course, not everything would be good for my health since someone wanted to let me know "Jane, Great Deal! Cigars + 3 Bonus Gifts – For $19.95". 

If I only read my junk mail, my office would be more organized because as someone let me know, "Jane, Get organized with these space saving bags" and I could "Go Paperless." I could throw away all my books and replace them with "Three complimentary downloads from HR.com".

And just think, how much better I could be if I read my Junk Mail tomorrow.

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