Big Mo - A creative job seeker

Our friend and writer, Laura Atchison recently found a true entrepreneur searching for a job in Silicon Valley in a most interesting fashion. 
It was 4:15am Pacific Time as I walked out of the hotel to catch a car service to the airport for my flight home. I had only gotten to bed around midnight so I was still a bit sleepy. Not so my driver, Mo. His energy, courtesy and smile welcomed me as he opened the car door for me.
I was curious about this man who demonstrated all the qualities of exceptional customer service. His dress, manner and speech were impeccable as was his car. Of course I had to ask what his story was. That was when I discovered Big Mo has a plan. Nine months ago he was laid off from Cisco Systems at age 51. After a month he was told to start collecting unemployment.

“That didn’t work for me,” he said. He felt that as long as his body and mind were able he needed to find a way to get back to work. Instead of just trying all the traditional methods of searching for a new job he took a more creative approach. Mo figured out which car service had the biggest share of clients in Silicon Valley who drove the most decision makers, applied for a job as a driver and promptly got hired. Big Mo believes that every passenger is a potential employer or connection to an employer so he uses the drive to tell his story and show his work ethic, creativity and ability to communicate.
So far, Mo has received three job offers from a number of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. But Big Mo is searching for a looking for a job with a smaller firm to help it grow.  He's waiting for just the right position and from the way he networks, I'm sure he'll find it.

Laura Steward Atchison is a creative entrepreneur and writer who brings wit and wisdom to her readers. Her current endeavor is founding Wisdom Learned, LLC. Ms. Atchison gave birth to the idea of a new company that focuses on educating other business leaders through experience and lessons learned from the trenches. Her current book that is soon to be released is entitled "What Would a Wise Woman Do? Questions To Ask Along the Way''. Link to for lots more.

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