Public Speaking -- Tips to Cure Fear

For many individuals, there's nothing more terrifying as the thought of having to get in front of a crowd to deliver a speech. But as people are thinking more of going into business for themselves, they are finding that may not be able to avoid it-especially if they're going to have to speak to an audience about their business, products, or their services.

Being a little nervous is natural. It's a sign that you want to do well, but being overly nervous might pose a challenge. With a some training you can learn to overcome your anxieties or fears and make good informative speeches. Here are five tips on how to gain confidence in public speaking.

(1) You would want to wear a favorite outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Choose professional clothing for the day of your speech. Your outfit should not be too casual or too flashy. You always want your attire to complement your speech.

(2) Good eye contact with you audience is very powerful in public speaking. Try at first to include everyone in the audience equally when you look out over the crowd. Then select a couple of faces you wouldn't mind speaking directly to throughout most of your delivery. Good eye contact increases your credibility as a speaker.

(3) Speak clearly. A good speaking voice is important for delivering an effective talk. You naturally want your voice to be pleasant, natural, and dynamic. Remember to speak directly into the micro-phone. If you don't have a microphone, then pay close attention to the volume of your voice in order for everyone in the room to hear you. Don't talk to fast! Use pauses when appropriate for effect, laughter, or applause.

(4) Turn your fears into positive energy. This is no doubt the biggest challenges of public speaking is the fear you may have that something awful or publicly humiliating is going to happen to you. Just try concentrating on channeling your nervous energy into an enthusiastic delivery simply because you have something valuable to say. So just be conversational. A good conversational style will aid you to be relaxed as a public speaker.

(5) Practice! Experience builds confidence, which is the key to an effective delivery. Every speaking opportunity will help you become more relaxed and confident. You can start small and work your way up to bigger audiences and events. In time you will begin to develop trust in your own ability to be a true public speaker.

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