Open Positions At The Computing Center

The Computing Center is growing.  We currently have three open positions available right now.

The first two are for candidates with similar skills. One is for placement at a Computing Center client where you'd be working full-time.  The other is at our location in Ithaca where you'd work as a bench technician as well as at client sites.  Here's the link to the job description and where to send your resume:

The last position is for a Cold Fusion programmer with some SQL skills.

More information:  For the position in our shop, we have a need technician with printer skills as well as computer skills.  If you are a computer technician with some printer repair skills, we want to speak with you.  Depending on your experience, we'll send you to the appropriate printer training.  What it takes is the right attitude and great client skills as well as understanding how computers and printers work.


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