Are you wasting money on Printing?

Editors note: Although this article is Hewlett Packard centric, it makes many good points regarding better managing printers within your organization.  The Computing Center manages hundreds of printers for many different companies. We can help you better manage your printers and save you money regardless of printer manufacturer.
Office printers are a staple of any workplace. We plug them in, connect them to our network, send files to be printed and alert the IT department if anything goes wrong. It seems simple enough, but it’s likely that you’re not giving your printing methods and devices the attention they deserve. In fact, failing to manage your office printing could be costing your business dearly.
Without closely managing your print services, your business could be committing costly printing blunders and not even know it. The following are common ways that unmanaged printing could be bringing your business down.
No print strategy
Have you taken the time to devise a strategy that optimizes printing in your office? If not, you could be wasting valuable time and money. Implementing a print strategy will help you gain an understanding of the connections between costs, controls and solutions that will benefit your business. It’s important to carefully assess your print environment and gather information from all of your devices. Then, figure out which solutions will best assist in implementing your overall strategy.

Wasting IT resources
When a printer is on the fritz, your IT staff is probably the first to hear about it. But their time is often stretched thin due to maintenance and issues with other devices. By delegating printer maintenance to professionals who are part of a printing management service, you can better utilize the time and costs of your IT team by saving them the trouble of dealing with your printers.
Using printing devices ineffectively
Did you know that where your business places its printers, and how it uses them, could be negatively affecting costs and employee productivity? Figure out the best configuration for your office by conducting a detailed assessment of your printer and copier data. By placing existing devices where they will be most useful, retiring your legacy devices in a responsible manner and employing the latest technology, you can find a balance between costs and the needs of your users, keeping everyone productive.
Poor understanding: the cost of general printing
Unfortunately, most companies do not understand the many factors that contribute to the cost of producing a printed page, including both hard costs and related costs. It’s important to break down the acquisition and support costs expected over the lifetime of a device and analyze your actual costs. This will also give you a good idea of the potential savings you could see when you implement managed print services.
Using remanufactured toner
Don’t be fooled by low cost and exaggerated claims of reliability by toner manufacturers. Remanufacturing toner is a manual process that can lead to cartridge damage and may cause performance and print quality problems. To avoid this, make sure to use only originally manufactured toner for your printers and copiers.
The truth is that printing costs begin long before you hit print. The best way to really keep tabs on your printing and optimize processes and devices for your specific business needs is through world-class print management like HP Managed Print Services (MPS). You’ll free yourself from the headaches of supporting printers and realize major cost savings. In fact, studies show organizations that implement managed print services can reduce their printing costs by an average of 30 percent. 
Depending on your service level agreement, our technicians can arrive onsite within a business day for maintenance, and your business will only pay for the actual pages printed, with no minimum or maximum penalties or surcharges. With advantages like these and much more, you’ll really start to see the savings add up.

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