Well, It Happened Again!

Try as we might, some clients still believe their computer equipment will never fail and they will never lose any of their data.  But, unfortunately all mechanical devices eventually fail.  Traditional disk drives spin at 7,500 – 15,000 rpm with their read/write heads literally “flying” less than a millimeter above the disk surfaces.  If a head touches the surface or a motor or head actuator fails, the drive and all the data are toast.  It may be possible to retrieve data from a failed drive, but it’s not easy, it takes time, and it’s relatively expensive.

In mid-October, we got a call from a company that we don’t do a lot of work for. One of their “primary” computers had failed and they needed help.  We learned that the last successful backup on that machine was done in 2013. Not good! And they had run CHKDSK on the machine to try and restore the data directory. Also not good! And of course, the now “lost data” was critical to their operation.  What to do? We contacted our friends at Drive Savers and arranged for them to get the drive and retrieve whatever data they could find.  Drive Savers is an amazing company…they take drives apart in a clean room environment and use very sophisticated proprietary technology and software tools to retrieve data from dead drives.  In this case, they got 95% of the lost data back.  Not a bad result and it “only” cost the company $2,700 and a week without their "critical" data.

This company got “lucky”!  Several months ago, a local company had a drive that was so damaged that even Drive Saver’s couldn’t retrieve the data.

Although data retrieval is a service we do offer and it does work much of the time, there are far better ways to protect valuable information.

We only sell network servers with redundant disk arrays. That’s a first line of defense. We also highly recommend verified onsite backups and Cloud Based offsite backup solutions.  Our Cloud Based offsite backup solutions have greatly matured in the past few years.  These backups are fully secure, more fully encrypted, much faster, easier to use, and less expensive than ever. 

To us, that’s just minimum protection.  Some clients have fully redundant offsite duplicate systems which will keep their systems running and available even in the event of their primary location’s complete loss.  They can’t afford to be down for minutes, much less hours or days.

So what’s your data worth and how long can you afford to be without it?  Whether it’s a single computer, smart-device, or a full blown network we can help you design, implement and manage a cost-effective information protection system taht works and fits your budget.

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