Using Forums to Drive More Web Traffic

Editor's Note:  Anyone who uses their website to promote their business or organization can use more traffic.  We found this article that talks about using forums for improved networking thereby gaining more traffic to your websites. 

One thing that can help you drive more traffic to your web sites and blogs is by making use of all the forums online. It doesn't matter what niche your site is in because there will usually be at least one pertinent forum you can use. Because the popular forums have thousands of members they can likely provide your web site with more traffic as can using several forums at once. Finding the most effective means of driving more traffic to your web site using forums is the topic of this article.

An important point to mention when promoting on forums is that your likely traffic will be coming from more than one source. Firstly, you will hopefully get site visitors direct from the Internet forum itself. Online forum users might be interested by the link to your web site when they see it and go and check it out. This is a traffic source that will be interested in what you are marketing as they belong to a forum that focuses on your niche area. The next way to build more traffic is that every time you make a comment on a forum or ask a question, you will be building links to your site which will help you get higher search engine rankings.

Now you just need to locate forums related to your niche and join as many as you can. However, you will want to be active on these forums so only join as many as you can be active on. As a forum member you are given the opportunity to set up your own profile where you can place a back-link to your blog or web site. The next step is to get the url of your user profile and ping it to all the ping services. This will see to it that the search engines index your links to get you started.

Another place you can put a back-link is in forum signatures, just use a relevant keyword as a link to your website. Each time you make a comment on a forum your signature containing your back link will also show automatically. There is a rule in several forums that you should be a frequent participant before your signature will show. So for example you may be required to have already made a number of comments before you get to add your signature to a comment.

It's vital to be a frequent contributor on each forum that you join and you have to log in every day. This way you will not run the danger of being considered as a spammer but you will get an increasing number of back-links for the search engines to find and more link exposure to other members of the forum. Another thing you will discover is that the forum pages may also get a good ranking in the search engines, so even people who are not members of the forum, may end up discovering your links. By becoming a usual contributor to forum discussions you increase your credibility as some sort of expert on your niche which will persuade people to follow your links and discover more.

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