Top Business EDGE eNews entries for 2014

With the end of the year upon us, we begin looking at what's going to happen in 2015.  However, we also look back on the year just ended.  In that regard, we took a look at our Business EDGE eNews Blog and reviewed the top five most read articles for 2014:

1. Myths regarding the use of refilled toner cartridges:

2. Securty Habits of Effective PC Users: 

3. Fraudulent Tech Support and Sofware Phone Scams:

4. Important:  Heartbleed Security Flaw:

5. Windows XP Support Coming to an End:

Not suprisingly, three out of our top five most read articles had somehthing to do with security and four out of five had to do with software vulnerabilities.  It seems that we are all concerned with who can see our data, how to maintain some kind of security, and what happens if you (or your credit card) gets hacked.

Unfortunately, none of this is going to stop any time soon.  A lot of what we do at The Computing Center has something to do with systems security and keeping software up to date.  Many times these two areas go hand-in-hand.  

Unlike the "early days" of desktop computing in early 1980s where only a few intrepid souls purchased and operated their own computers, now nearly everyone has one, two, three, or lots more smart machines at their disposal. There's lots more compute power in the average smartphone today than in the first mini-computer The Computing Center purchased in 1979. We are all connected and it's hard to get away. Smart device "free zones" have become a reality and disconnecting is much harder to accomplish.  

However, do your best.  One thing about all this information.  Unless you get hacked, it will all be there in the morning!  

Also, don't forget, we do sell toner cartridges for all your printers.  We sold over 12,000 of them in 2014!  Mostly OEM (original equipment manufacturer) toners and inks.  We can recyle your spent cartridges and you can watch them come back as new toners. And we can deliver toners to you automatically. Most newer printers and multifunction devices can provide us with enough information so we "know" when your toner(s) are going to run out.  If you want to read more, check out our #1 most read article (above) or contact us.

Happy 2015 from the staff at The Computing Center

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