Velma German Retires

The year was 1982.  The Computing Center was just over four years old.  The IBM PC was released the summer before and we were still trying to figure out whether these "new fangled" micro-computers might have a place in business. 

We owned a DEC PDP11/34 mini computer and had written a full-service payroll processing program for it the previous year.  We collected weekly and bi-weekly timesheets from our clients, keyed in the payroll information, printed checks, and delivered the completed reports and employee checks back the next business day. This part of our business was growing and we needed someone to work "the evening" shift to process the days payroll that had come in. Velma German joined our staff as our second full-time outside employee and has been with us ever since!

Velma is retiring as of March 31, 2014.  She worked for The Computing Center for nearly 32 years and is the first person to retire from our company. Oh, we've had people leave over the years, but never finish up their career here. Velma was a constant. We sold the payroll processing division in 1990 and Velma then moved into bookkeeping and of course still processed our payroll. She also did some bookkeping and other processing for outside clients as well.

Velma has been with us through all the changes in our business and tehcnology, moving from the mini-computer with 10MB (that's megabytes) of storage, dot-matrix printers running 14 7/8" paper, to the first desktop micro-computers and laserprinters, networking, through the invention of the Internet and eMail, to today's smart devices and the cloud. She's worked on various ventures and projects that we've taken on and always managed to get all our own work completed as well.

Velma has seen a lot of change in the way we do business, but she has kept some of the "old" ways and we're glad she has. Physical security of our important data, making sure that backups are completed (at one time, Velma used to run them), shredding of old documents, and reconciling our bank, payroll, and other reports to the penny, every month. More and more daily processing is now electronic and over the Internet, but the numbers are still the numbers and Velma has always made sure they are right!

We are going to miss her. So if you see a spritely woman on her Honda Goldwing trike (she sold her motorcycle sixteen years ago), say hello!

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