Street Cred Resume

Our friend Zach Shulman is a partner next door to The Computing Center at Cayuga Venture Fund.  He's also the director of Entrepreneurship@Cornell.  Zach publishes a regular blog that can be read and subscribed to at  This post caught our eye because we have been hiring and have recently read A LOT of resumes.  

I like creative resumes.  Videos are actually a wonderful way to get positive attention.  We have looked at a company or 2 in the student “transfolio” space (where a student has a dynamic transcript that contains video of projects, oral feedback from teachers, etc.).  We have not invested in this space primarily because it is very unclear if there is a willing paying customer (besides parents who can afford it) and a willing user (like the admissions office of a school or college).

Anyway, today a good friend of mine (thanks Dan) sent me this really funny short video (about 4 minutes), which is in fact proof a street credibility.  It is not a resume, but what a cool way to make your self stand out!  Worth considering, especially to a perspective employer.

The video features a musical artist from Ithaca.  You will learn a lot about Ithaca in the video.  Enjoy.  Here it is.

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