Hurricanes 2014 - Should we worry?

It's been a very quiet hurricane season so far this year-- right?  Well, not if you live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Over the July 4th weekend, Hurricane Arthur paid a visit to Ocracoke Island, knocking out power for almost three days and washing out one of the busiest tourist weekends of the year. (Editors lament -- We were scheduled to go to Ocracoke that very weekend - well maybe next year!)

With record cool temperatures for parts of the US recently,  it's easy to forget the real dangers and threats associated these storms.

The truth is, now is the best time to prepare for the season ahead. (Remember, "peak hurricane season" runs from mid-August to late October.) Learn the 3.5 reasons to not let your guard down this hurricane season and download the free infographic. 

Wait, we don't get severe hurricanes in Upstate New York, do we? Click here to learn why you should care about hurricane season no matter where you live.

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