Easy Ways to Cut Printing Costs

Our businesses and organizations generate more paper than ever and everyone struggles to control the blizzard of paper we all consume daily. Managing printing whether using HP's or other solutions can save real money. We help manage the printing costs of numerous local organizations. Let us help you.

It’s relatively easy to take your office printers for granted. Did you know that there is often a significant opportunity to reduce costs and IT workload by making simple changes to your office printing environment?

Here are five ways your business can start reducing printing costs today:
1. See things from both sides
Saving on printing costs doesn’t mean you should stop printing altogether—it just means being strategic about hitting “print.” According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average office worker in the U.S. prints 10,000 sheets of paper each year. By taking advantage of your printer’s duplex printing function, you instantly cut your paper usage. Coupled with other smart printing habits, the savings add up quickly.

2. Control the color
Color printing has its place in the office, but it isn’t always necessary. Implementing color access control allows you to enable or disable the option to print in color by individual users or groups, as well as by specific applications like email. This can help prevent users from wasting more expensive color toner on jobs that should be printed in black and white.
3. Trim the fat
Poorly controlled print environments result in unnecessary print costs. Businesses of all sizes can realize tremendous cost savings by reducing the total number of devices they currently use and replacing them with higher-capacity, higher-speed devices. This includes helping to eliminate cost-inefficient or underutilized printers, and replacing collections of printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines with more efficient multifunction devices. In addition, this can save time and money on the associated supplies. Consolidating the ink and toner supplies orders allows for even greater efficiencies.
4. Protect document confidentiality 
Abandoned printouts—ones that people simply forget to pick up from the printer—can not only be wasteful, they also represent a potential security risk when confidential documents are left on the printer. A solution like HP JetAdvantage Private Print enables you to print via secure authentication—right at the device [2]. This new cloud-based printing feature can help reduce wasted and misplaced prints, keep information more secure, and store documents until you are ready to print them.
5. Build a better workflow
Giant office filing cabinets are quickly becoming relics. Of course they take up valuable office space, but as the files become crowded it also becomes increasingly difficult to locate documents when you need them. Document-capture solutions take electronic and paper-based documents, integrate them into front- or back-end business applications, automate workflows, and enable instant access to data stored in a secure and centrally managed repository.
These are just a few of the most common printing inefficiencies that can happen in any office, although we know every business is different. Fortunately there’s a way to not only evaluate your current printing environment, but also improve upon it.
Want to evaluate the efficiency of your print environment?  
Try the free online HP Managed Print Analysis for a custom evaluation of your printing environment. In less than five minutes you will have a customized report that pinpoints inefficiencies in your office printing and outlines actionable steps you can take to help reduce your costs and streamline your printing environment.
True business value
Servicing a mixed print environment can cost a business money and time. HP Managed Print Services (HP MPS) can help by evaluating your current environment and assessing future requirements. This information is used to tailor an imaging and printing infrastructure to your needs.

  • Reduce the need for IT support for your printing environment
  • Lower printing costs by implementing a targeted print strategy for improving imaging and printing processes
  • Manage and deploy devices and supplies from multiple vendors in a more convenient and effective manner
  • Increase employee productivity by reducing device downtime, and giving employees the technology that helps them do their jobs more efficiently

 The value you gain from HP MPS depends on the specific needs of your business. Whether you’re looking for print solutions, or a full MPS offering, HP has the expertise and technology innovation to optimize your printing environment, digitize and automate workflows, simplify management, and increase security.

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