Racker Rivals Big Red July 11th

The 2nd Racker Rivals Big Red arrives at Cornell's Lynah Rink on July 11, 2015 at 7pm.  It's a celebrity hockey game to support our friends at the Racker Centers.   Racker Centers is one of our amazing not-for-profit organizations that supports those with disabilities.  Their mission statement well defines the organization:  "We support people with disabilities and their families to lead fulfilling lives by providing opportunities to learn and be connected with others."  More about Racker Centers is at: www.rackercenters.org/ 

Last year Racker Centers teamed up with Cornell and its many hockey fans to create the Racker Rivals Big Red evening. As a group, hockey players at all levels are known for their community support, so it was a natural pairing.  Many in Ithaca have been hockey fans for decades supporting the Cornell Big Red and its players, some of whom have gone onto play professional hockey after Cornell including Joe Nieuwendyk, Ben Scrivens, and many others. Ithaca is also fortunate to have a home-grown player, Dustin Brown, who played youth and high-school hockey here and went onto a professional career in the NHL.  He's now captain of the LA Kings and after the 2014 season brougth the Stanley Cup to Ithaca.  

The Computing Center is a supporting sponsor fo the Racker Rivals Big Red evening and we are directly Dustin and his wife Nichole for the game.  You can join us by sponsoring a Dustin, Nichole, Joe, Ben and others playing in the game or just by purchasing a ticket.  

Link to support a player or players:

Link to purchase tickets:

Join us on July 11th.  It will be a great evening supporting a wonderful organization.

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