Top Read eNews Blog Entries for 2016

It's always interesting and fun to look back on which Blog entries had the most views at the end of the year. Doing that gives us some idea what everyone is reading and helps us plan the content for the next year. Of course, there will also be plenty of material that "hasn't been invented yet" that we'll report on in 2017!.

Our eNews Blog content comes from The Computing Center staff, several of our manufacturer partners, and from assorted friends and other writers who make their content available to us to publish here. 

So, how did we do with you, our readers? Here are the Top 5 most viewed (and we hope read) Blog entries during the last 12 months:

     1.  By far the most read Blog entry for 2016 is: Mary Stazi Becomes Majority Owner of The Computing Center This generated over 1,500 eNews views and also garnered many congratulatory notes and emails:

     2.  We are a bit suprised that a short Blog entry back in April regarding power outages had strong readership. It's basic information, but very important to everyone. Dealing with Power Outages had over 1000 Blog and email views:

     3.  We are very fortunate to live in one of the most giving communities anywhere. One of the most amazing annual events is Hospicare's Wommen Swimmin.  The 13th Annual Hospicare Women Swimmen Blog entry promoting this wonderful event came in 3rd from all our readers:

     4.  2016 has been a great year from The Computing Center. In addition to Mary Stazi becoming majority owner of our company, in August, we became a NYS Certified Woman business enterprise:

     5.  Rounding our our top five most viewed articles is another Ithaca favorite! How to Find Your Office Zen: 

 A few other tidbits about our The Computing Center's Business EDGE News:

  • In 2016 we had over 80,000 page views and there have been over 240,000 views of the Business EDGE eNews pages since we started this version up in 2011.
  • Our monthly eNewsletter goes back to February 2005.  From what we can determine, we've missed only one month in nearly 12 years.
  • The most read article EVER on our Blog site is for an entry where we commented on a CNN Money article back in 2014 suggesting that Ithaca can compete with Silicon Valley.  Nearly 4,000 views have occurred to date!

Thank you for your business and support during 2016.  The Computing Center will be 39 years young in 2017.  Like all small businesses, we rely on your patronage and by us earning your business and trust every day.

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