Dealing with Power Outages

We lost electrical power early this morning.  At about 7:15am, the power at The Computing Center and a number of the surrounding buildings in the Cornell Business and Technology Park dropped for less than a minute.

For us, it wasn't a big deal.  All our servers and the ones that we host along with all our network infrastructure kept humming along running on their uninterruptable power supplies (UPS's). Desktops that were left on last night and weren't on UPSs systems dropped off as well as most of our phones.  But all it took was a  few reboots and we were back running.

However, if the outage had lasted 10 more minutes, our servers would have started to shut down well before their backup battery power was depleted. That controlled shutdown system required planning and gets tested regularly. Without it, getting ourselves back up and running after an outage would be a lot of work.

Power loss will  occur in nearly 70% of ALL businesses in the United States in the next 12 months. However, despite the reality of this happening, many companies and organizations are unprepared to deal with the event and have no mechanisms to recover quickly.

Like a lot of areas of technology management, the solutions to dealing with power outages exist and depending on your needs don't have to be very expensive.  Give us a call and we'll be happy to help check out what you have and develop a power management plan that meets your organization's needs.


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