America's Independence Day Facts and Trivia

It's Independence Day -- Time for a long weekend, barbeques, good weather (hopefully), and fireworks. Did you know that that only a few signers of the Declaration of Independence actually signed it on the 4th of July? Read on for more facts and trivia about America's birthday.

Fireworks Fourth of July 4thPHOTO: REUTERS

Which President was born on July 4th?
Calvin Cooledge in 1872.  He was our 30th President

Which President(s) died on July 4th?
Three - John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe

When were fireworks first used to celebrate the 4th of July?
1777 in Philadelphia at the first annivesary. Congress chose fireworks as a way to celebrate along with bonfires and bells.  

What other country celebrates its independence on July 4th?
The Phillipines - gained independence from the US in 1946

Some Trivia

  • Nathan's hotdog eating contest comes from a legend of four immigrants arguing over who was the most patriotic. They decided to have a hotdog eating contest because nothing says America more than excess. 
  • About 155 million hotdogs are eaten and over 68 million cases of beer are consumed in the US on Independence Day!

  • Only one baseball no-hitter has ever been thrown on July 4th. Dave Righetti did it in 1983. The Yankees beat the Red Sox 4-0 on that day!

  • Only 2.5million people lived in America in 1776.

Enjoy the day!

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