Ransomware - A Growing Menace

Ransomware is tough subject. It's getting worse. There has been a significant increase in activity by a malicious ransomware software called Troldesh.

We have recognized that systems that are not actively managed or have no system access management policies are exceptionally susceptible to the current version of ransomware. The same can be said for systems with poorly implemented security systems.

What Is Ransomware and Troldesh?

Troldesh is a form of malicious software called  encryption ransomware. If infected, your data and possibly every fileshare on your network becomes encrypted and you will be asked to pay a “ransom” to get a key to access your information. Resolving encryption ransomware without paying the ransom is possible - we have a couple of "saves" to our credit. However it is technically very challenging and unless your computers, servers, and networks are already well protected, losing valuable data is quite possible. You're also in for a significant expense and a huge productivity drain for your business or organization.

Now is the time to make sure you have good network security and good security practices in place to limit your exposure to these attacks.

What Is a Sign of Troldesh Infection?

If you notice files with a .XTBL extension on the end, these files are the first clue that a computer or server on your network has been infected by Troldesh.  A Windows message that reads "Windows can't open this file ..." may also be an indication that your computer has been attacked. It may be hard to tell, because many times, newly created files of folders operate normally.

Contact us immediately if you suspect you are infected. Please DON'T try to fix this yourself! We are not trolling for business or trying to scare our clients into spending money unecessarily. Unless you stop immediately, an issue with a single computer could easily expand to affect your entire network.

How Can You Be Safe and Prepared?

Prevention is always best. Advise your staff to be extremely wary of unsolicited emails, attachments from unknown senders, or any other unusual activity. Absolutely never take a call from "tech support" unless you are positive that you know who is on the other end of the phone.  Well-educated computer users in your organization are often the best defense against these malicious attacks.

Let us help you prepare.

Over the years, we at The Computing Center have built a strong competency in security, which we believe is one of the cornerstones of a solid IT environment. We'd much rather prepare a network system so this doesn't happen rather than fix a system that has been corrupted.  We offer a full portfolio of security solutions including ananlysis, hardware and software solutions, consulting  to meet the demands of our clients in many industries. Contact us via phone or email.

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