Computing Center Becomes Certified Woman Business Enterprise

  The Computing Center is now a Certified New York State Woman Business Enterprise (WBE).  In January 2016, shortly after Mary Stazi became majority owner of the company and CEO, we applied for the WBE designation. In mid-August we received notice from NYS that our certification was approved.

What does this mean?  WBE certifications prove that organizations are truly woman owned and that the owner has the technical, managerial, and financial acumen that is expected of the owner and CEO.  The certifications are provided by the New York State Department of Economic Development.  Many governmental agencies and other public entities within New York are required or encouraged to acquire between 20 and 30% of their goods and services from minority or women owned enterprises.

There are not many computer technology companies within New York State that are woman or minority owned.  A number of our existing clients have been asking us when the certification would be complete and helped us in the process.  Within the program, The Computing Center can provide our entire line of computer products, mobile devices, network systems, software, consumables (printer toners and inks),  repair services, and our full line-up of onsite and remotely managed services.    

The Computing Center has over 35 years of direct experience in working with NYS and computer manufacturers and software suppliers.For more information on our entire product and service lines, check out

“With our certification as a New York State WBE, The Computing Center can help public sector, education, healthcare and not-for-profit clients acquire superior computer products, software, consumables, and services along while leveraging NYS and other programs and while meeting the state’s WBE requirements”; said Mary Stazi.

She added: “We’re excited with receiving this important certification.  With increased emphasis by Empire State Development and the Governor’s office on WBE, it’s another way for the public dollars to be kept within New York State and for local business to grow and thrive”.

More information on Women Business Enterprise program is available at:

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