eNews 2018 in Review

We have been publishing The Computing Center eNewsletter since 2005. Our current database has been used since 2011 and contains over 380 stories, some written by our staff, others written by computer industry experts and other commentators.

In addition to our actual monthly eNewsletter which many of you receive via email, all our stories are also published on our website - click on eNew Cabinet on the home page of www.compcenter.com. Here they live on forever while more and more people (and systems) also read and scan them. This is one of the places we look to get the statistics about our readership.

So, here's the review of the best read entries for 2018:

1. We actually go back to 2017 for this one. In Sept 2017, The Computing Center aquired the assets of Sherpa Technology. By December 2017, there were about 1,630 views of that article. During 2018 and nearly 3000+ views later, this is our most read story of 2018.  www.compcenter.com/client/index.cfm/2017/9/8/The-Computing-Center-acquires-the-assets-of-Sherpa-Technologies-Inc

2. Something far more mundane comes in 2nd. The Computing Center's Privacy Policy which we published an update to in May. Obviously there were readers who needed help falling asleep! www.compcenter.com/client/index.cfm/2018/5/25/The-Computing-Center-Privacy-Policy

3. Ithaca has a lot of freelancer's and micro/individual businesses.  This article received a lot of views in March 2018. www.compcenter.com/client/index.cfm/2018/3/27/Freelancing--When-to-Save--When-to-Spurge

4. All of us have to deal with lots of passwords.  Are they slowly becoming passe?  Our article in February 2018 covered that idea. www.compcenter.com/client/index.cfm/2018/2/27/Are-Passwords-Pass-Not-Quite-Yet

5. And ending on a bit of a sad note.  Last December, The Computing Center's first client (from 1978), David Flinn passed away. We wrote the article in December, but many of you read it during early 2018. www.compcenter.com/client/index.cfm/2017/12/29/A-Sad-Farewell-to-The-Computing-Centers-First-Client

Please keep reading  We regularly get suggestions and try to find interesting stories to cover and to reprint.

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