Reasons for Company Executives to Take Security Training

We read about this all to often - a top executive at small and not so small organizations get scammed or spoofed into providing critical company information or make payments that are not legitimate. Of course we also see other employees getting tricked as well. 

For most companies the individuals at the top actually pose the most risk, due to having the most access to sensitive information and critical systems. They need to be the most aware, but when we and others conduct security awareness training, some executives and organizations leaders are noticably absent!

Here are three reasons why it's important to executives and management to show leadership in participating in security awareness training.


  1. You are the top target. You hold many of the keys... so you may be targeted more. 
  2. You can lead by example. Executives who participate in security training show all employees that security is important and a priority.
  3. You can keep learning. Participating in security training helps you establish good personal practices, but it also helps keep you informed of current threats to your organization.


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