5G and Wi-Fi 6 - Evolution & Revolution

One of the few constants in technology is change. Scott Gurvey writing for Cisco provides a detailed, but not overly technical overview about two upcoming changes in the way data is handled wirelessly. When fully developed these technologies will make possible what is not possible today, change the face of mobile technology, and will fully connect the world.

5G and Wi-Fi 6 both promise great increases in the data handling capabilities, enabling a new generation of applications.

As you can tell by all the marketing hype, 5G is upon us. The mobile telephone carriers are touting their plans to roll out 5G, the Fifth Generation of wireless service, although specifics about the timetable, fees and applications are difficult to come by.

Wi-Fi 6 is somewhat more obscure. That’s because the branding has never really caught on with the equipment makers who instead opted to describe their gear with the string of numbers and letters referencing the IEEE standard which defines the technology. Wi-Fi 6 is 802.11ax. And that is a mouthful for consumers to remember.


The Importance of Data Backup

Yeah, we regularly write about data backup. At least monthly, we'll be contacted by someone with an issue that a regular backup could have made much easier to deal with. The Computing Center provides all the backup solutions mentioned in this article and helps clients with backup strategies, best practices, and management of their backup systems. 

Have you ever lost a lot of really important data? Or, short of that, have you ever felt a moment of panic where you thought you did?

Whether it’s images of a family vacation, a report from work, or a semester’s worth of homework, you probably have data on your computer’s hard drive or your mobile device that’s not just valuable, it’s too valuable to lose.  

Data loss can happen to anyone. Having a backup strategy can help you to avoid the crushing feeling that comes with finding out that all your hard work and treasured memories are gone.

It’s a good idea to make backing up data a part of your cyber hygiene. If you happen to lose your data due to a hardware defect or ransomware attack, having a backup could be the respite you’re looking for.


Make "Green" = Success in your Business

Our community is a leader in sustainablity. Even though we beat ourselves up about doing even more, we are way ahead of many others and are thinking about more and better ways to utilize resources more effieciently every day. In our world of Information Technology, the industry has done a lot to make their products use less energy and last longer. Hewlett Packard (yes they are self-serving) does provide products that are more sustainable. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your business or organization.

By 2050, there will be 9.8 billion people on earth. Greenhouse gas emissions expected to rise 34%, energy use expected to rise by 48%, and the demand for water will be 40% higher than supply. And we have just 12 years to make massive changes to our global energy infrastructure to limit global warming to moderate levels, according to a comprehensive 2018 United Nations study.

Beyond a few recycling bins, making your business greener may not have been a priority until now. It’s time to change that. Not only will you be helping the planet, but it’ll also be good for your business: 88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports environmental issues. Here are some things your business can do to make an impact.


Make Your Vacation Scam Free

 by Lisa Lake, Consumer Education Specialist

It’s almost summer! Right now, you probably have beaches on the brain or you’re thinking about that long-planned trip abroad. Before you head out, take steps to help keep your dream vacation from becoming a nightmare:

Do some research — and then carefully read the details on travel offers.

  • First, get recommendations from family and friends on good travel agencies, vacation rentals, hotels and travel packages — before responding to offers.
  • Look up travel companies, hotels, rentals and agents with the words “scam,” “review,” or “complaint.”
  • Look for extra costs. Resort fees (also known as destination, facility and amenity fees) can add $50 or more to your nightly cost.
  • Ask about taxes, which may be significant in many locations.
  • Get a copy of the cancellation and refund policies before you pay.
  • If you’re buying travel insurance, be sure the agency is licensed.
  • Bring copies of any confirmation details that show the rate and amenities you were promised. This also helps if the hotel or host says your reservation is “lost.”