Creating Brand Advocates

The trends in the world are shifting massively! From the clothes you wore a decade ago, to the food you eat, people’s taste and preferences have changed over time. With tons of information almost available at our fingertips now, we are engaging with all kinds of content on daily basis!

While globalization has generated potential opportunities for many businesses, the competition of creating engaging content is more difficult now than ever before! This is a huge challenge obstacle for some organization's  marketing teams.  While the core objective of the marketing process is to create value for customers and capture value for customers, building loyal customers is vital to the success of businesses!

However, part of the process of having regular loyal customers is also having your customers become your brand's or your company's brand advocates. Many organizations are developing comprehensive plans for businesses to achieve this objective. Other companies, even Microsoft CRM Dynamics, are providing marketing consulting services that are helpful for businesses with customer retention as their core goal! 

If you are looking for turning your customers into brand advocates, there are few things to keep in mind!


Great Resumes & Remote Interviews

 (NewsUSA) - Sponsored Content - Perfecting a resume and nailing the job interview can be daunting in normal times. With many companies conducting business remotely, this often extends to interviews. Here are some tips to help shore up your resume and nail those remote job interviews: 


Resumes should be concise. The first thing you should do is look carefully at the job posting you are applying for. Look for any specifics that they are looking for in an applicant, and use the same wording they do in your resume, if it is applicable. You do not need to have paragraphs explaining every little detail about previous jobs and duties. Stick to the high-level details that seem important and make sure it is readable. Highlight your main job responsibilities, if you received any recognition, and impressive metrics that you may have achieved.


People We Try To Do Business With

Our good friend, Zach Shulman, one of the managing partners of Cayuga Venture Fund wrote this short, but very to the point posting on his blog entitled: "Attributes of People I would Never Purposely Do Business With (although it could happen by accident)"!  Here's the Link: He wrote it in the context of a venture capital company and some of the young entrepreneurs that he works with.

For over 42 years, we at The Computing Center have worked with hundreds of businesses and organization and thousands of individuals. Nearly without exception, we have found the vast majority of our clients to be:

Mature, Kind, Understanding, Professional, Predicable, Straight Forward, Tactful, and Well Spoken. You understand what we're about, want carefully crafted and cogent answers to your questions, and the products and services that we provide at a fair price while delivered in a timely basis.  What you look for in us is the same thing we look for in you.  

It's truly been a joy to do what we do over these past four decades. And especially in 2020 when things have been so strange. We've gone the extra mile time and time again - so have you. We literally could not have accomplished all that we have in this extraordinary year without our client's understaning and support. More than once, we've provided solutions in ways that certainly haven't been "business as usual".  All of us and you have been incredibly creative in the midst of the pandemic.

Thank you from all of us at The Computing Center for your business, this year and always.

We hope that everyone has a safe, peaceful, prosperous, and most of all healthy, 2021.