Covid-19 Computing Center Status Update



Friday, March 20, 2020 @1:00pm


The events of the past week have affected every business, organization, and person. Nothing has been unaffected. A long-time friend contacted us Wednesday evening and during the conversation, we talked about what the Covid-19 pandemic would have been like before the Internet; say 25 years ago.  We would have been getting the news from the newspaper, listening to the radio, and from mostly broadcast TV and the fledgling cable news channels.  The shutdown of non-essential businesses would have been essentially 100%. No remote computing, little or no email, and only a very few people being able to work from home. We would have hunkered down and sat. Maybe it would have been simpler.


As of this writing 100% of non-essential employees can no longer report to work.  Because of what The Computing Center does in supporting essential businesses in our community, we are allowed to maintain in-house operations. Some of the essential local organizations we directly are supporting include:

  • Healthcare organizations, hospitals, and physicians’ offices
  • Financial institutions including banks, credit unions, and insurance companies
  • Accountants offices
  • Animal shelters
  • Human Services organizations
  • County and other government offices
  • Tompkins International Airport
  • Logistics companies


To be clear, we are doing this with virtually our entire staff operating remotely.  Only a small skeleton group that handles product logistics and in-house repair are reporting to work.


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