Keeping Your Remote Computing Environments Safe

There are more people working remotely than ever before. Depending on where you are and your connection to the Internet, performance may be an issue. While your connection may be slower than what you are used to in an office, keeping the connection secure is incredibly important. Remember, the bad guys are working from home too and have nothing else better to do than hack vulnerable computers.
Here are some suggestions for how best to secure your home systems.  If any of this is gibberish, please call us. 607-257-3524.  We can help you out.
  • When connecting to your home WiFi make sure that the router is password protected and not using the default admin password that it came with.

  • We're all working over the phone, via email, or by text. If you get an unexpected tech support phone call, email, or text, DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION including passwords. Verify that every tech support contact (even from us) is from somone you know and can trust. 
  • Make sure you office connections are over a VPN or other secure connection. 

  • Make sure that your home workstations, laptops, and tablets have Anti-Virus software installed and that the "definitions" are up to date.

  • Watch out for fake emails, texts, and phone calls.  Although the Chinese language fake phone calls have stopped (for now), there are plenty more fake ones out there.  Confirm everything. 
Like your personal health, keeping your technology safe is more important that ever.


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