I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike Hall since the early 1970s. Mike grew up in Ithaca, graduated from Cornell in 1968 and joined the US Air Force becoming a fighter pilot. Mike rose to the rank of Major General and led the "Boys from Syracuse" Air Force Reserve unit. He's been the Director of the Tompkins International Airport since 2014. During recent weeks, Mike has been one of our community's leaders in providing valuable insights in how best to deal with this crisis. Mike has been providing the airport staff with some of his thoughts on leadership and the opportunities going forward.
Let’s start with Air Force Values:
  • Integrity first
  • Service before Self
  • Excellence in all we do

  • No one is perfect.  But when we aspire to selfless values, we are more successful.  
  • We empower and we accomplish.
  • Mission, Unit and that order.

If you go into business to make money, you will be disappointed. 

  • If you go into business to serve an identified market with a quality product, manage risk and control cost, if anyone can make money, you will!
  • It’s about our customers, not us.  Our value added proposition.  What we bring to the table
  • We will!

So our job is to work together and challenge each other to achieve excellence in all we do.  To improve our product.  Our value.

No passes.  
  • If you disagree, speak up!  
  • Help each of us shrink our respective blind spots.  Starting with mine.  Please.
  • Thank you for breaking the silence.  
  • Thank you for helping each of us live and work closer to common, successful values!  

We didn’t ask for this crisis, but it is in many ways the opportunity of our lifetime.  
  • We don’t lose in a big game and this is our Championship.
  • Employ effectively.
  • Strong family support.
  • Everyone home safely!
  • One step at a time, together!
“Project determination and strength!"
Take care of your families and let’s kick some butt!  This is our moment and I’m glad I’m on your team!

Be safe, be well and be fully engaged.  There are...

“No points for second place!”

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