Reopening and Recovery in Tompkins County

As of today the Southern Tier of New York State that includes Tompkins County is in Phase 4 of Reopening and Recovery after many businesses needed to be shutdown in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. For all of us in business, the shutdowns were incredibly disruptive, even for those essential businesses that needed to remain open.  Essential companies and organzations literally had to figure out new ways of doing business, interacting with customers, all the while keeping their employees safe and healthy on the fly. 

Our community did incredibly well: 

  • We have one of the lowest infection rates in New York State and the northeast.
  • Cayuga Medical Center devised and executed a drive-thru Covid-19 testing center that has successfully and safely tested tens of thousands of people.
  • Thousands of masks were made and distributed throughout the community
  • Rheonix, a local biotechnology company, pivoted its business and developed an approved Covid-19 test in weeks that's now being successfully used locally and throughout Upstate NY.
  • Dozens of volunteers made sure that our neighbors were safe, fed, and healthy.

Now, nearly all businesses and organizations are being allowed to reopen. Financially, many have been devestated - some past the point of return. For those that are able to open, it's really challenging economically. 

  • We urge everyone to shop locally at locally owned businesses whenever possible. Yes, that statement is self-serving. We are local and so our the vast majority of our clients. When we say "We're all in this together" we really are!
  • If you have to see a physician - do it. Don't delay. They have gone through extraordinary lengths to make their offices safe.  The same goes for our local hosptical and clinics. 

Our friends at Tompkins County Area Development have developed a series of radio spots featuring local businesses talking about their experiences over the past several months and the extraordinary lengths we have gone through to stay open if we could and what it's taken to do it safely.  They are also encouraging everyone to work with local businesses and organizations as we all reopen and recover.  You'll be hearing them on Cayuga Radio Group's radio stations. And here's the link to all of the spots on the TCAD Website.

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