Our Tech Department - We're here to help!

For over forty years, The Computing Center has been providing computer and repair services to our clients. In the early days, we repaired terminals and dot matrix printers.  Later on we repaired desktop PCs and the early laser printers.  Today, we repair and maintain all sorts of laptops, desktops, printers, and servers. Although we can work on most computer equipment, we specialize on Hewlett Packard, Apple, and Dell equipment.

 As important as the technical training, skills, an experience needed to properly repair computer equipment, so is understanding how clients feel about having their equipment being out of their procession while the repair takes place.

 By mid-August, we will see an influx of new people joining our community, typically to attend or be employed by Cornell, Ithaca College and TC3.  So our repair departments gets quite busy with new people and regulars.  However, in every situation, we work hard to have all clients feel important and special. 

 In today's circumstances, we've had to add procedures to keep our clients, ourselves, and your equipment safe and secure.

- We can provide contactless pickup/drop of equipment at homes and offices as well as the same service if you wish to bring in equipment to repaired to our office.

- Once equipment arrives, it's wiped down before any of our techs begin work. Of course our techs wear masks and gloves as the situation dictates. Once our work is completed, the equipment is wiped down again before we return it to you.

- We don't always need to see the equipment in person. We can do work remotely. No, we're not the scammers who are trying to gain access to your information. In a remote scenario, you have total control of what's being done and when.

We're here to help and to listen. Contact us at 607-257-3524 during regular business hours or via email at support@compcenter.com  




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