Managing Remote Workers Without Micromanaging

 Managing Remote Workers without Micromanaging

OK, managing a remote workforce is a BIG topic.  There are books written about how to do it. Many of us are in the unenviable position of having a hybrid workforce with some employees in-house, others remote and still others doing both. This article from HP Tech@work is a broad overview and since it comes from HP, it's HP centric when they pick certain computer technologies. While we don't do everything it recommends, there are some nuggets that can make your life easier.  

Picture it - you’re suddenly tasked with managing remote workers, on the fly. Zoom, lack of oversight, and IT headaches can make it a huge challenge. And without traditional physical views into your employees’ workflows, it’s tempting to micromanage. But pump the brakes.

Research shows it’s better to establish productivity targets and let employees build their own paths to success. Successful remote managers trust their teams for the transition, then coach lagging members as needed to get performance up to snuff. The good news? It’s not hard to step back and encourage success without micromanaging.


Saving Money in Your Home Office


Hewlett Packards makes great printers, computers, monitors and other computer technologies.  The Computing Center has been representing HP for over forty years (hard to believe)! Here are some suggestions from HP for portions of your home office that HP may not providel, but can make a big difference in your overall productivity and save some money along the way.

Find an affordable, efficient printer and more
By now you’ve settled into your work from home setup, which—let’s be honest—you may have thrown together a little haphazardly back in March. Now that you might be working from home for the long haul, you may be looking at some tech upgrades for your home workspace. Here are some things that you personally, and your small business, can do to improve your remote setups while still staying on a budget.


Working in the Post Covid World

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 changed the world in many ways. Its rapid spread worldwide has changed the way we work, perhaps permanently. Now with vaccines rolling out here in early 2021, businesses and organizations need to begin exploring how their workforces will operate going forward. 

We know that the crisis led many companies to make dramatic changes, for example: Non-essential organizations unfortunately were forced to close due to low demand, while other industries had to chance their production to aid the national efforts against COVID-19 in order to survive. Still others were able to successfully pivot and actually thrive during the pandemic.


Making Your Website Stand Out

Editors Note: We are continually surprised with how poor some websites are.  Some big names do a terrible job in website design and programming.  The Computing Center has been doing website programming pretty much since the beginning of the world wide web. We generally leave the design to design professionals.  Our specialty is programming, making the "feel and flow"  work well with the "look". Here's a review of what it takes to make your website stand out and reach your intended audiences.

In a digital world with close to 2 billion websites on the internet, users have a tendency to bounce around from site to site in search of a suitable answer or solution to the problem they have or to find the information that they seek.

Did you know that the average user spends 15 seconds or less on a website? With the attention spans of viewers decreasing at an alarming rate, it is safe to say that with only 15 seconds, it’s a really good idea to know how to make your website stand out.

High bounce rates and the loss of business opportunities are a reality without a strong and unique website, especially with the large number of competitors, standing out can be a grueling task. Here at WelkinMKTG management, we’ve got experience with making our Digital Agency’s website engaging and relevant for users. We suggest that you use these tips and pointers for helping your business website stand out in a saturated market.

How to make your website stand out?

Consider the following when creating your company website: