Saving Money in Your Home Office


Hewlett Packards makes great printers, computers, monitors and other computer technologies.  The Computing Center has been representing HP for over forty years (hard to believe)! Here are some suggestions from HP for portions of your home office that HP may not providel, but can make a big difference in your overall productivity and save some money along the way.

Find an affordable, efficient printer and more
By now you’ve settled into your work from home setup, which—let’s be honest—you may have thrown together a little haphazardly back in March. Now that you might be working from home for the long haul, you may be looking at some tech upgrades for your home workspace. Here are some things that you personally, and your small business, can do to improve your remote setups while still staying on a budget.
Save money by saving time
Your time is valuable—make the most of it by adding additional convenient (and free!) apps and shortcuts that allow you to focus on what’s really important. You may want to check out the Tech@Work article 6 Must-have Productivity Apps with recommendations you might like.
Look for deals on liquidated office furniture
A high-end office chair can easily set you back a grand—and you probably couldn’t take your sweet chair home with you from the office. This is the time to search for a local office furniture liquidator, where you can often find high end Herman Millers and Steelcase chairs for a fraction of their retail price. They also have deals on desks, filing cabinets, and other pieces essential to your home office.
Find furnishings in unexpected places
If you’d rather go with something new, many office furniture companies such as Poppin and Pivot are starting to focus on the home office market—your company may even be willing to furnish you with a new chair on their tab. Regular home furniture retailers are starting to get into the game as well: it’s easy to find quirky, stylish items at a surprisingly good price point if you do a little hunting and keep an eye on sales.
Bundle your internet
If your company isn’t providing employees with internet credits, it’s up to you to find the best way to get the most broadband at the best price. (Throw in a partner also working from home and kids on their school Zooms all day!) If you have more than one internet provider in your area, it’s worth your time to get on the phone and try to play them against each other and leverage a better price for their best broadband package with their customer service representatives. Also look for bundled packages with other electronics in your home, such as your TV setup.
Choose energy-efficient tech
While it’s an investment up front, picking energy-efficient technology will save on your home electrical bill in the long run. Look for the Energy Star® label on HP products (and browse our top 30 most energy-efficient monitors) and you can feel good about saving the environment, too.
Another good resource is Home Office Ergonomics for advice on keeping your body healthy and happy while working from home.


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