Working in the Post Covid World

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 changed the world in many ways. Its rapid spread worldwide has changed the way we work, perhaps permanently. Now with vaccines rolling out here in early 2021, businesses and organizations need to begin exploring how their workforces will operate going forward. 

We know that the crisis led many companies to make dramatic changes, for example: Non-essential organizations unfortunately were forced to close due to low demand, while other industries had to chance their production to aid the national efforts against COVID-19 in order to survive. Still others were able to successfully pivot and actually thrive during the pandemic.

Some of the changes that have occurred are likely permanent: 
- Worker training sessions are now different, most are done online or through video conferencing.
- Remote work for technology, finance, banking and others moved to remote relatively easily.
- We expect much less business travel - at least for a year or two.

- All organizations now have some kind of health and safetry protocols. Certainly in 2021 and likely for some time to come, how we all work with in a partially vaccinated world has yet to be determined.  

We expect companies and organizations of all sizes will invest that From now on, it is more likely that business will invest heavily in technology that will enable operations to be completed remotely and employees will definitely be trained in different types of software as part of their job to be able to work from home in case such an approach is needed.

Contracts will also change, dictating clauses that will be more specific about what will occur in case previous agreements are not completed because of extreme circumstances such as a pandemic. Ultimately, rather than just changes to contracts and additional training, as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, many office-based work will shift to a virtual environment as part of their daily operations.

The truth to be told is that the way we work, perhaps has changed forever. The only way for many industries to survive will be their ability to adapt, and maybe just, maybe, virtual methods will be the best option. 

Many hosting providers provide resilient infrastructures along with powerful technology to help business and organizations adapt to all dramatic changes require by the present crisis and to be best prepared for future ones.

The Computing Center realizes that every business's requirements are unique and we work hard to tailor solutions to your needs.  We provide and have access to nearly every type of hosting environment.  We also provide and manage on-premise solutions.  What we mostly commonly provide are hybrid solutions: Helping businesses and organizations  design and implement just the right combination of on-premise and cloud solutions. 

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