Should I Finance My IT Project?

If you are like most, you look for ways to ensure your IT projects thrive. One undervalued project aspect that can save you energy, time, and cash flow is your selected payment method.

Before you invest in your next IT endeavor, ask yourself:  

-        Do you have other projects, expenses or initiatives that require cash or capital that you would like to invest in?

-        Would a payment plan help you better manage your cash flow and expenses?

-        Are you looking to maximize your IT project, but working on a tight budget?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, an alternative acquisition model is the right choice for you.

As a value partner, The Computing Center has access to multiple payment options for your next IT project. Whether you’re looking for financing, leasing, or Technology as a Service, understanding your specific needs from alternative acquisition models ensures you’re selecting the option best fit for you.

1)     Financing – This payment program stretches the costs of your project over time. Primarily, we receive requests for monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options. Similar to financing a car, this program allows for you to pay for an item over time. You own the item after the last payment is made.


2)     Leasing – Many of our customers want to upgrade their technology every few years. Those customers want to minimize their payment and create a recurring technology refresh cycle. Leasing can help create a low payment that allows you to maximize your investment and return the unwanted technology at the end of the lease.


3)     Technology as a Service – If you’re looking for the benefits of leasing for your project that includes Managed Services or essentially outsourcing the entire project,  Technology as a Service option may be best for you. This unique payment plan simplifies billing into one invoice for your IT project and all the  ongoing services.

Instead of purchasing expensive IT equipment all at once, alternative payment plans allow you to keep cash and capital in your business through the lifecycle of your project. Invest that money toward other projects, expenses, or initiatives that will generate revenue for your business.

Before you invest in your next IT project, check out our various financing options.

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