Myths about Charging Your Cellphone

Some of you may have heard the notion about charging smartphones such as only charging when the cellphone battery is empty or never charging the cellphone overnight. No one knows who started that opinion or assumption, but many people end up believing it.

Some of them are not true or just urban myths or misunderstandings.

  1. Don't charge your cellphone overnight

Even if you charge your cellphone overnight, your cellphone will not be overloaded or damaged . Most modern cellphones currently use lithium-ion batteries that will stop receiving power when they are fully charged.

  1. Only charge when the battery is completely discharged

This assumption is not true because you can charge your battery pretty much as often as you want. Experts recommend charging when the battery has 40 to 80 percent which can extend battery life.

  1. Don't use the cellphone while it's charging

Another myth that is fundamentally untrue. You can use your cellphone while it's charging. Using the original charger and battery is probably better, but many phones don't come with chargers anymore. So have at it!

  1. Non-genuine chargers can damage the battery

Apple and others no longer include chargers with their phones inviting the use of third party chargers. Non-original chargers like those made by Anker and RavPower are not expensive  and work great.  Look out for the "fake" chargers - you know the onles that "look" like an Apple or Samsung charger.  They may not be very well made.

So, there is generally no such thing as a non-genuine charger that can damage the battery as long as it doesn't come from an obscure brand or at a super cheap price. 

  1. It's not safe to keep the charger plugged in

Who writes this stuff?  Some safety rules recommend unplugging the charger immediately after charging to avoid a short circuit. However, just like the previous points, this rule applies more if the cable or charger used is problematic.

However,  the only time you should unplug a charger is if it gets really hot or makes some funny noises when you disconnect your phone, even if the phone charged successfully.

Most of us these days just plug phones in at any convenient charging station.   That actually does work - most of the time!!  

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